Sound Your Best with ASi Music

Sound Your Best with ASi Music

Live Sound Production

Live Show Production Services - ASi Music

The WOW Factor

Here at ASi Music we are different than other Live Sound Production service providers.  We have experience as musicians so we the have the understanding and technical knowledge of what it takes to make a performance a truly memorable experience.  We know how to make a Concert, Festival, or Live Show something to make everyone say “WOW”!

We are experts at understanding your needs and objectives.  While providing top-notch service to ensure that you get the “Wow” factor for your event.

“We create Awesome Events of all sizes.”

In addition to our experience and knowledge. “We create Awesome Events of all sizes.”

We have an extensive inventory of audio, lighting, staging, equipment to ensure your event is the best it possibly could be.  Big or small we have the gear, knowledge, and experience to make your event awesome.

Call 973-579-5027   or contact us at

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