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Do You Need Stage Rentals – In New Jersey

ASi Music offers a fantastic Mobile Stage program with amazing options in outdoor staging production. We have several stages available in a variety of sizes and configurations that are suitable to meet your needs and budget. Your Mobile Stage can also be customized if needed with banners and graphics to create a stage that’s all your own. Did we say that they setup is fast?

All of our stages are engineered from the ground up to perform in almost any outdoor setting. We provide fast, reliable, hassle-free service.

ASi Music also offers platform stages in any configuration and height imaginable. Ask how an ASi Mobile Stage can work for you at your next big event. Need more information call 973-579-5027 or visit our contact page and someone with all you back.

Mobile Stage – Event Stages

Take a moment and review a few examples of some of the stages setups from other jobs.

ASi Music Camp Jefferson Amphitheater
Outdoor Stage Rental NYC
Makers Festival - ASi Music 2018
Makers Festival 2018 - ASi Music Stage Rental
ASI Music stages for Bud Light
Bud Light party - ASI Music Mobile Stage
Tripple rail turn performing Oktoberfest 2018
ASi Music - Sound & Lighting Services
White Panda 01
Michael Jackson Birthday Party 2018
White Panda live
ASi Coney Island Oldies Show
ASi Music at Hambletonian Stakes 03
Color Run 2 - ASi Music
rotatory image 1
rotatory image 4

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