What does a lighting technician do?

ASi Music Lighting Technician

Lighting technicians and Designers are the folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes on stage prior to and during live events to create a visually memorable experience.

Lighting designers are generally responsible for creating that special look the client wants to be portrayed for their event or show.  Many hours are spent in advance of show day choosing the right fixtures, reviewing color combinations, positioning, and programming.

Lighting technicians are responsible for prepping, installing, positioning, and aiming the lighting equipment for the production of a concert, opera, play, or other events that requires lighting.  They use the DMX cabling, trussing, dimmers, LED or conventional lights, or lasers to enhance the visual appeal of performance and provide mood, and structure to any live performance or event.

ASi Sound & lighting can provide the proper lighting for your next live event to ensure its success.  Got questions or need lighting assistance contact ASi Music Group today by calling (973) 579-5027 or online at http://www.asimusic.com/contact/

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