The Holidays are fast approaching and it’s going to be time to celebrate and have a bunch of fun. If you are the person selected or volunteered to help organize the company holiday party. ASi Music is here to offer some helpful suggestions to make the process as enjoyable as the party itself.

1. What Type of Company Holiday Party do you want to have?

It helps to have a basic idea or concept of the party you would like to have. Is it only for the executives, for certain departments, or for the whole company to enjoy? Do you want it to be formal, casual, or have a special theme? This is a great place to start the planning process. Most holiday parties follow traditional themes

2. Making Budget

Regardless of the size of the company or organization you need to know what your budget is for any event. Start by reviewing previous years’ budgets (if your company had them in the past). This will help you understand what it cost in the past, ASi Music can help you determine the best budget for your party needs.

3. Guest List – Create One

Just like the menu if you are having a meal. You should create a detailed list of everyone who you invited to the party so you have the supplies needed to make it a success. If this is meant for employees or clients be sure you know if they are bringing a spouse or a plus one.

4. Set a Date

This one sounds like it should be obvious, but you need to have a date in mind. Weekends are great or Friday evenings if you plan the party for a few hours after work. ( so everyone can get ready for the party after work).

5. Set a Timeline

Timelines are a key piece to managing a party. Create a list of milestones and deadlines. This will help you manage stress and ensure that the party comes together on time, on budget, and just as you envisioned. The event production staff can help you design and manage the appropriate timeline for your needs.

6. Venue or Location

OK, so you know you want to have a party and the time frame for the party. But where should you have it? At the office, if the room allows, or do you go to an outside venue like a hall? Whichever you choose remember if you use an outside facility. You will need to see a few for yourself so schedule accordingly.

7. Contact an AV Company

Be certain when planning your party to book a sound and lighting company like ASi Music as soon as possible. Or even first because they can often help save you money by ensuring you have everything you need for your vision of the party. Also, be sure to connect your AV/sound and lighting company with your other vendors so they can ensure your vision for the event is a success. A good sound and lighting company will be a powerful resource for planning your party.

8. Rent Equipment

You will want to be certain that you check with the venue to see if the owner provides tables, chairs, tents or overhead lighting, or decorations. Everything you need to make the holiday party as festive as possible. Often this is something else that your AV company can help you with too. ASi Music can provide, podiums, microphones, screens, mobile stages, Power, and lighting. Or any other equipment rentals needed to have a successful event. Or make suggestions where you can get the supplies needed.

9. Public Speakers

A good MC “Master of Ceremonies” host, can add a lot of life to a party, or keep the event on track. You can even consider picking a member of the staff that is outgoing, respected, or very social to take up these duties. Just be clear to provide your “MC” some guidelines as to the topics or the length of speeches. *Maybe consider being the host of the party yourself if you are up to the task.

10. Entertainment

Just like it sounds consider booking entertainment appropriate for your party. They can be everything from DJs, Magicians, or motivational speakers. This can be anything you can imagine so be creative and do something memorable.

11. Catering

If you are going to have food and refreshments for the holiday party, be sure to book a caterer. Some venues might want you to use internal catering services or provide you with a list of preferred caterers. The caterer will help you decide on food and refreshments for the event.

12. Planning A Bar?

Drinks can often be as important as the food or the entertainment for the party. Work with the catering team to see if they offer bartenders or does the venue offer these services. Along with a drink menu that you can select for the event. As always if there is alcohol involved be sure to have access to nearby lodging if needed and safe means of transportation should anyone need it like Lyft or taxis.

13. Recognition for Individuals

Just like it sounds when getting everyone together. Take time to recognize those within your company or organization who do great work. Encourage and motivate the employees with awards, or recognition for the achievements that they undertook and accomplished. Work the recognition into the events of the evening.

14. Prizes

Like recognition, prizes are something that employees or party attendees love. Like a chance to win a great prize. So why not have a raffle, that anyone can win to drive excitement for the event? Be creative with your choices of prizes.

15. Promoting Your Party

OK, so the party is planned all the details are perfect. Don’t let the success of your event to chance to do everything possible to promote your event. Share on social media, and send emails. Place signs around the office if possible, and make announcements daily over the Public Address if you have one. Go over and above to get the word out there about the party.

16. Most of All Have Fun

This one should make all the sense in the world if you are going to have a party. Make sure it’s fun, interesting, exciting, something your guest will want to come to, and keep talking about long after the event is over. So be creative, when planning your next company holiday party. But most of all have fun.

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